International Translation Services in Malaysia : Everything You Need To Know About Translation

Written by AM Interpretiv    |    1 March 2021   |    4 minutes read

If you are looking for international translation services in Malaysia, you have come to the right place! 

In an increasingly commercialized global world, translation is almost an essential service. In fact, the process of translation is so vital in the day-to-day running of many international businesses that the 30th of September has been recognized by the United Nations as International Translation Day!

Whether you require a translation for official purposes you are writing a book and want it to be marketed overseas, you are going to need to engage an international translation service. 

There are plenty of international translation services in Malaysia. Some stand out because of their extremely professional translation services.  

Read on as we dive in to explore:

●    The types of international translation services
●    How much international translation services in Malaysia cost
●    What makes a good international translation service

What Are International Translation Services?

Before we dive deep, let us first clear up a common misconception. 

Often, the words “translation” and “interpretation” are used interchangeably. However, this is not entirely accurate.

There are some core differences between translation services and interpretation services. 

These differences are illustrated as follows:


● Original language is based on text and/or documentation of some form.

●The final translated product is delivered within a duration that has been agreed upon between the parties.

●    Translators are usually specialists in the particular field in which the translation is required. This is to ensure the most accurate translation, especially in cases of technical documentation.


●      Original language is based on  spoken words.

●      Real-time service as the words  are being spoken.

●      Interpreters need not  necessarily be specialists in a particular field. They only need to speak and  understand the languages that are required to be interpreted.

International translation services usually provide pure translation services.

However, many international translation service companies in Malaysia are slowly expanding to provide a wide range of translation and interpretation solutions.

They are great one-stop centers for all your international translation needs.

Types of International Translation Services in Malaysia

This may come as a surprise, but translation is not merely a matter of converting one language to another. One of the most important aspects of translation is to ensure that the spirit and purpose of what is set out in the original language are exhibited in the translated language.

To ensure that this is done accurately, it is important to understand the types of translation services that are available. These include but are not limited to:

●   Technical Translation Services

This involves the translation of technical documents such as instruction manuals, notes, and any material that is used for technological purposes.

Tis can include electronics, mechanical products and services, and technology in specialized industries such as agriculture or engineering.  

This is also an example of the type of translation servicewhere the translator is required to have specialized knowledge in the subjectmatter of the document that is being translated.  

‍●   Legal Translation Services

Legal translation can be said to be a form of technical translation.

As a result of the legal jargon that may be used in notes of proceedings, affidavits, and other legal documents, the translator needs to have a legal background to effectively get the meaning of the document across in the translated language.

●   Literary Translation Services

This usually involves the translation of creative works such as books and poems.

It is also safe to say that this is the most expensive of translation services by virtue of it being the most difficult type of work to translate.

This is because the translated work must not only carry the essence of the original work. It must also reflect the creator’s voice and tone.

For example, in the context of a novel, the process required to translate Hindi to English may be rather complicated. This is because Hindi may have phrases or allegories that only make sense in that language.

As such, the translator must be skilled enough to ensure that the core message is put across, without compromising on the tone used by the creator of the work.

This may involve multiple “back-and-forth” with the creator to ensure that the most accurate translation is achieved.

‍●   Certified Translation Services

At this juncture, it is important to make the distinction between a certified translation and a certified translator.

Certified Translation Services essentially mean that thefinal translated work is certified to be accurate and true to the original document.

The certification is usually done by the translator or an international translation agency.

A certified translator is one who has studied for and passed the relevant exams in his or her home country and is qualified as a translator.

A certified translation is usually required for the translation of official documents such as passports, marriage certificates, or birth certificates.

A translation does not need to be carried out by a certified translator to be a certified translation.

‍●   Notarized Translation Services

Notarised translations are where the translator signs a document (usually referred to as an affidavit or a statutory declaration) in the presence of a notary public.

The document signed by the translator essentially confirms that the translation is accurate and true. The role of the notary public is to act as a witness to the signature and confirm the authenticity of the translator’s statement and signature.

That being said, the notary public does not need to understand the translation. He or she only needs to confirm that the translation is accurate and true as certified by the translator.

How Much Do International Translation Services In Malaysia Cost?

Broadly speaking, the cost of international translation services in Malaysia will depend on multiple factors.

These include but are not limited to:

●    The number of words that need to be translated
●    The number of pages that need to be translated
●    The type of translation that you required. Generally, the more technical the original document is, the higher the translation rate
●    How quickly you need the final translation. This is also referred to as the turnaround time
●    Whether the translation needs to be certified
●    Whether the translation needs to be notarized
●    Whether you require a physical copy of the translation

As you can see, international translation services can be customized to a great extent depending on your needs and budget and also the international translation company itself.

Do also keep in mind that most international translation services in Malaysia have a requirement of a minimum number of words before they take on the translation service.

What Makes A Good International Translation Service?

Like anything else, what makes something good is rather subjective.

However,there are some core characteristics of an international translation agency thatmake it stand out from the rest. Some of these are: 

‍●   Online Translation Services

The requirement of physical documentation for international translation services is almost certainly a thing of the past. 

In this day and age, it is almost essential for an international translation company to offer online translation services.

This includes the engagement of the service, the negotiation process, the delivery of the final product, and payment for the translation services.

Online translation services also have the benefit of a wider network of translators. This is especially useful if, for example, you needed to translate Vietnamese to English for a particular purpose.

‍●   Express International Translation Services

This is extremely useful when urgent translation services are required.

Most international translation services in Malaysia offer express translation services with a 24-hour turnaround time.

However, do be prepared to pay a premium rate if you require such express translation services, especially if they need to be certified or notarized.

●   Value-For-Money Translation Services

This probably goes without saying but the quality of translation services is vital.

Many international translation companies have stringent quality-control processes in place where the translated work is proofread by a second translator.

This is then sent back to the client for confirmation that everything is in order before the final translated product is delivered. 

Additionally, most international translation services in Malaysia have a vast global network of translators. They are likely to provide translation services for most common international languages.

This is especially true for international translation services in Kuala Lumpur where, among other languages, they can translate Korean to English, given the high population of Koreans living in Kuala Lumpur.

Here at AM Interpretiv, we pride ourselves in providing quality international translation services in Malaysia, with precision being our utmost priority.

With our ever-expanding global network, you can rest assured that whatever your translation needs may be, (whether you need to translate French to English or translate Spanish to English, or vice versa), we are here to meet them.

Contact us at or +6016 436 0878 to discuss how we can best help you with your international translation needs.

You can also visit our website to check out our full range of content transformation services.

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